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Who Am I?
Peter is a Geovital consultant and Director of EMFREE, a company dedicated to helping people to achieve a healthy living environment, free of electrosmog and other toxic radiation through educational seminars and home assessments. Peter has a M.Sc in Computer Science and has over 30  years experience in the IT networking industry, and has EMF training and mitigation certifications from Geovital (Austria) and EMF-Experts in the US.

My Favourite Projects
As a partner in a wellness centre that treats patients with various chronic conditions Peter gets great joy in assisting to eliminate dangerous radiation from the sleeping areas of clients to allow for maximum potential recovery during the night without compromise.

The Highest Accomplishment
Peter gets the most satisfaction from being able to convince the new generation about the dangers of the gadgets they use – when kids/children “see the light” and take ownership of using the gadgets safely and responsibly

My Work Process
Peter feels very strongly about the involvement of clients during assessments. This provides them with the best possible view of the issues that may lead to ill-health in their home as well as giving them first hand experience of what needs to be rectified. Typically this leads to a joint action plan and mitigation strategy.

Off Topic Favourite Things to Do
Running a wellness centre and an EMF mitigation company takes a lot of dedication so Peter likes head of into nature on his mountain bike or with his family and dogs.

Highly Recommended - Darryn
After moving to a house which is situated within sight of a cellphone tower, and recently becoming aware of the dangers of EMF exposure, I decided to contact Peter for a Home Assessment.
Im extremely glad I did, as it was a very informative, detailed, and professional consultation that left us feeling a lot safer going to sleep at night, especially after implementing some basic protocols that only a home assessment will give you insights on.

As literally different corners of your house will have different exposure due to different reasons, the only way to really be aware is to get a Home Assessment that incorporates a variety of high tech equipment that leaves no stone unturned.

In this modern age of technology and the exponential increase in EMFs, I would highly recommend contacting EMFree for a consultation.
A great experience with EMFREE - Anya
We had a great experience with Pete Stutz at EMFREE. He was very knowledgeable and professional and assessed our house thoroughly with various instruments.

With the results of the assessment we have been able to implement changes in our house in order to protect ourselves and/or lower our exposure from these new frequencies that we are being bombarded with so that we can live a healthier life.

I would highly recommend a home assessment with EMFREE.
Making the Invisible Visible - Alice
I had a hunch that the cellphone transmitters near our flat might be responsible for the heart arrhythmia I was experiencing. Pete’s thorough assessment confirmed my suspicion.

His emf-meters made the invisible visible – and the readings were literally off the charts! This was really scary, but at least I now know what we’re dealing with.

For a start, it was a great help to get all our devices wired, so that we could turn off our wifi. Pete also produced a detailed report, which is an excellent record of his findings and which provides a baseline to compare with, especially as the 5G network starts to be rolled out.

It was a real pleasure dealing with Pete. He is knowledgeable, professional, wise, and generous with his time and advice, and he really cares about his clients.
Great to Know - George
I always wondered what my exposure is it in my home and garden, ever since we have seen some towers being errected some 500m away from our ERF.

The information arising from the assessment allowed us to make a few tweaks and reduce our health risks enormously both in our living areas and bedrooms.

This is important knowledge to have!
The know-how:
There is much literature out there on how to use meters, detect EMFs in and around your home and then to mitigate. It is how this information is used and adhered to that matters, Peter has combined his knowledge accumulated over the last 10 years learned from his research, course work and webinars into a unique offering that will help you understand your exposure from man made radiation.
For over 30 years has Geovital focussed with great intensity on the cause and effect relationship between radiation exposure and its effects on health. If even weak environmental influences affect the regeneration of the body and consequently its ability to fight disease, then the basis for health is significantly jeopardized. With the successful health recovery of patients as the goal, Geovital has developed their own technology and approach.
EMF Experts is the only certification and consultant service company founded by a professional Electrical Engineer with over 40 years experience in the power and energy industry, and who is a senior member of IEEE (International Electrical  and Electronics Engineers) actively involved in committee reviews of  hundreds of  EMF studies that create the basis of EMF safety standards.

EMF Experts is also on of the few EMF Consultant Certification company that is dedicated to graduating students equipped to "hit the ground running" in an EMF Consultant business specializing in EMF knowledge combined with that  student's individual skills and background in order to meet the demand for EMF expertise in a wider area of EMF specialties than simply measuring EMF.
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