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Doctors Health Concern over 5G

31 August 2020
Now, across the globe, 5G technology is being rolled-out without prior testing for human health hazards and environmental exposure.  The higher frequency electromagnetic fields from 5G technologies about to be deployed pose even a greater biological concern than those to which we are exposed today.

In May 2015, over 200 scientists from 39 nations, who have authored more than 2000 articles on electromagnetic fields, appealed to the United Nations to address “the emerging public health crisis” related to wireless radiation. They state that “the ICNIRP guidelines do not cover long-term exposure and low-intensity effects” and that the guidelines are “insufficient to protect public health”. (See the International EMF Scientist Appeal).

A wide range of probable causes of biological changes and health effects have been documented in reports dating as far back as 1971 (US Office of Naval Medical Research report)

Throughout the world, numerous members of the scientific and medical community have appealed to governments and various authorities to facilitate further research and education.

Based on the mounting evidence and the lack of conclusive studies proving that the 5G technology is safe it is time for governments, municipalities and other authorities consider implementing a Precautionary Principle approach, commission truly independent studies to investigate the safety of such technology and delay the implementation of the proposed roll out of 5G until clear evidence of safe use can be demonstrated.

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