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EMR and potential health issues

1 October 2020
As far back as the 1980’s communication technology that was initially developed primarily for military use, was put in use for commercial civilian application. In the US, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allowed cell phones to market without any testing for human health effects/hazards. Similar trends were seen across the globe. However, since then the technology has evolved dramatically, and wireless communication in smart phones,  tablets and laptops have completely changed human body exposure patterns. Only some 30 years later did the IARC  classify cellphone radiation as possible carcinogen (Class 2B).  The feeling from the scientific community is that this is still inadequate.

We mentioned in an earlier article that  "A wide range of probable causes of biological changes and health effects have been documented in reports dating as far back as 1971 (e.g. US Office of Naval Medical Research report) – this document alone cites many reported Biological effects amongst others:

• Heating of organs.
• Changes in physiological Function
• Central Nervous system effects (e.g. headaches, insomnia, EEG changes ..)
• Autonomic Nervous system effects (e.g. fatigue, alteration of heart rhythm, alterations of in the Synapse of Vagus nerve…).
• Peripheral Nervous System Effects
• Psychological Disorders (e.g. depression, impotence, hallucinations, irritability, tremors, chest pains…)
• Behavioural changes in animals
• Blood disorders
• Vascular disorders
• Metabolic disorders
• Endocrine gland changes and
• Genetic and Chromosomal Changes to mention a few

The BioInitiative 2012 Report provides an invaluable summary of research and studies that clearly establish bioeffects from very low level exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation. This report has been prepared by 29 authors from ten countries, ten holding medical degrees (MDs), 21 PhDs, and three MSc, MA or MPHs. Among the authors are three former presidents of the Bioelectromagnetic Society, and five full members of BEMS, so a very credible audience. It is constantly being updated with new research summaries. A few important observations from the report summary table are listed here:

• Fertility and reproductive effects.
• Foetal and Neonatal effects
• Evidence that children are more vulnerable.
• EMFs as a plausible biological mechanism for autism.
• Risks to the blood brain barrier
• Elevated risk of brain cancers
• Evidence for genetic and neurological effects
• Cataract formation (previously thought to be thermal, now known not to be).
• Melatonin depletion and sleep disruption, and the list goes on

Many individuals, doctors and organizations, such as the Environmental Health Trust, Lloyd Burrell at ElectricSense, Physicians for Safe Technology and many, many others provide a huge number references to science, research and  education showing the dangers of EMF/EMR, this sure cannot be ignored!

The 5G appeal consisted of more than 400 scientists and doctors from over 40 different countries calling for a moratorium on the deployment of 5G asserting that “5G will substantially increase exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) on top of the 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, etc. for telecommunications already in place. RF-EMF has been proven to be harmful for humans and the environment”.

Now, across the globe, 5G technology is being rolled-out without prior testing for human health hazards and environmental exposure.  The higher frequency electromagnetic fields from 5G technologies about to be deployed pose even a greater biological concern than those to which we are exposed today.

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