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4 August 2020
These days, with non-native radiation all around us, we need to understand our exposure. A personal EMF meter is a must!

 The RD10 is  extremely small (a real pocket-sized meter, finally!), extremely simple to use, and can detect 3 key types of EMFs:

  • RF: Radiofrequency - (also called “microwave radiation”) from cell phones, cell towers,    Bluetooth, wifi, etc.
  • MF: Magnetic fields - emitted near power lines, or near big motors such as the ones you can find at the back of a fridge
  • EF: Electric fields - emitted by standard household wiring and anything that can be plugged into a wall

It is an very effective entry-level meter, but understand that it is NOT a professional grade meter
and It  will NOT give you very precise numbers.     

The goal of having an RD10 is NOT to replace a professional assessment by a certified Building Biologist,   Geovital consultant or Shielded Healing consultant - The RD10 is your "first-line-of-defence" and should be used to:

  • RF: Verify whether a  wireless device is currently emitting EMFs or not -  
  • RF: Have a fair idea of  where the EMF “hotspots” in your home are.
  • MF: Figure out if there is  an extremely high source of magnetic fields (such as the back of your neighbor’s fridge on the other side of your bedroom wall) near your pillow.
  • EF: See if a device is a source of Electrical Fields. As a general rule, anything that is plugged into the wall automatically becomes an important source of EF. This is why I recommend unplugging everything from the walls near your bedside at night, or turning off the circuit breaker to your bedroom altogether.
  • Help your friends, spouse or any family member realize that this EMF stuff is real -- it makes an invisible thing finally visible

If you want to invest in your first ever EMF meter, please see here for more info

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