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Radiation Assessments

Living in a "sick" home is not an option for you and your family.
New technologies such as 5G are coming

We can help you understand what it means
and how to protect yourself
The Body Cannot Heal When It Is Stressed

We can help you to ensure your sleeping environment
is free from domestic radiation

Our Aim is to Improve your Health

Fix your EMFs
Our home assessment focuses on educating, assessing and recommending how to reduce your exposure in the areas you spend most of your time.

Informational talks
Whether it is personally at your home, at your community, school or corporate environment our series of tailor-made educational talks aim to make the layman understand the dangers of domestic radiation, explain options of how to reduce the exposure and improve your quality of health.

Quality Shielding Products
Our Geovital range of Shielding products have been extensively tested and designed over the last 35 years to provide you with maximum shielding efficiency yet being environmentally and health-friendly at the same time.
People Estimated to be EHS
Million Cell Towers in the US
Estimated Bee Losses Per Anum
How Can We Help You?
Home Assessments
  • Natural Radiation
  • EMFs from Radiation Frequency
  • EMFs from Electrical Radiation
  • EMFs caused by Magnetic Fields
  • Pre-Purchase Home Inspection
  • Pre-Building Inspection
  • How to live EMF free
  • Introduction to EMFs
  • 5G: what will new tech bring?
  • Community Talks
  • Corporate
  • Protecting your work-space
Shielding Solutions
  • Shielding Paint
  • Shielding Fabric
  • Shielding Mesh
  • Grounding Tape
  • Phone Shielding Pouch
  • Shielding Mats
Number One Rule:

Always choose hard‐wired connections when you can.
Keep Wi‐Fi, Bluetooth, cellular and data antennas switched OFF.

Did You Know?

The new generation 5G (5th generation) wireless networks will require adding millions of antennas in the US alone, and are being rolled out without a single biological study demonstrating their safety."

"In light of our work and a growing number of publications showing the frequency range of 5G can have serious biological effects, we believe that current efforts to accelerate the implementation of 5G should be delayed until additional studies are made to assess the critical impact on human health."

Dr. Paul Ben Ishai
"We can state unequivocally that EMF can cause single and double strand DNA breakage at exposure levels that are considered safe under the FCC guidelines"

Martin Blank, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics

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